Mastermind Groups



Mastermind groups

How You Will Benefit from a Mastermind Group

Work “on” your business instead of just “in” your business

Dedicated time to work on strategy, planning your business’s future, making broader decisions that affect direction, culture, and the form of your business. Design your business the way you want it with expert help.

Camaraderie with people that understand you

Join other purpose driven business owners who experience the same challenges that you do. A supportive like-minded group that gets you and who you can share defeats, triumphs, failures and successes with.

Unique Perspectives

Gain ideas from people with different perspectives that you may not come up with on your own. Shortcut (Supercharge?) your creative process.


Surrounding yourself with entrepreneurs who are excited, passionate, and energetic about the challenges they’re presented with, you can’t help but feel the same way. It’s important to meet regularly with a group of like-minded people who feed your inspiration and motivation.

Accumulated Experience

When you combine your knowledge with those of other business owners, you create a brand new perspective from which to work. It can be extremely powerful, enabling you to solve problems and see opportunities.

Ability to Serve

A Mastermind Group is a fantastic way to give back to other business owners in your community or circle of acquaintances. Being in as much service as possible means than everyone in the group benefits exponentially.


This is the single, most important reason for joining a Mastermind group. There may be no one else holding you accountable for getting things done and a Mastermind group will fill that gap. “The only reason I get anything done in my business is because I come here every month and tell you guys what I am doing during the next month.”


What would you like there to be more of in the world as a result of your creating this group?
More purpose awareness and orientation. More collaboration, connection and community. More care and consideration for people and the planet. More needs met in the world. More business owners are living inspired, purpose driven, supported, accompanied, balanced lives.

And similarly, what would you like more of in your life, as a result of creating this group?
Needs for purpose, contribution, inspiration, learning, stimulation, challenge, connection being met. Also support – financial (money), collaborative (people). Reading the mastermind book it looks like needs for friendship and community would be met as well.

I work with demographic in doing something addressing a problem with a solution

I work with beginning artists in making and selling their artwork by offering mastermind groups which address limited experience, perspective and limiting beliefs with empathic listening, ideas generated by a community of other artists and accountability for following through with strategies.

I work with ecologically and socially conscious business owners by offering mastermind groups which address limited time, resources and perspective with empathic listening and collaborative community of other business owners and accountability for following through with strategies.

I work with people in transition in search of purposeful work by offering mastermind groups which address being stuck in default mode, and uncertainty about what else to do by facilitating TRE, empathic listening and collaborative community of other people in search of purpose.

Art @ Work

Virtual co-working spaces for artists.

Why A@W Works

  • Support using our time and attention intentionally
  • Work alongside other artists
  • Ventral Vagal Activation

How A@W Works

Each weekly A@W session consists of:

  • One 30 minute “Open Community Check-In” session (an advice-free zone) And two 40 minute “H@W Sprint” sessions.

There is also dedicated time for self-care breaks and very brief “sprint check-ins” before and after each sprint.

  • How am I feeling at this moment?
  • Where do I want to keep my focused and productive attention during this 40 min sprint?
  • How do I want to feel while I’m working during this sprint?

During each H@W Sprint, we remain on Zoom together (on Camera or not) while we silently work on our separate tasks – whatever we have on our own To-Do lists.

  • We can also open Breakout Rooms for any collaborative work needs.

And there may be an opportunity, sometimes, to connect more after our closing time and share about what we have been working on, for some lovely cross-pollination!